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Bureau works internationally with represented and invited artists at varying career stages to provide a platform and context for dynamic and innovative contemporary visual practice. The gallery premieres and commissions new work across a variety of media and presentation formats, both on and off site. Bureau’s exhibition programme is complemented by screenings, talks and performance events, alongside international collaborations, exchange and residency projects. The gallery further supports artists’ practice through publishing initiatives, and participation in art fairs.

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Events & Exhibitions

OFFSITE - TOURING EXHIBITION: Compression // Robin Megannity // at The Studios

Compression features new paintings by Robin Megannity that make open reference to art-historical conversation; to the austere traditions, affecting themes, and sombre characters recurrent within the history of oil painting.
Megannity is interested in the complexities of painting as devices for producing meaning today: the position, relevance and intention of art with ‘traditional’ associations. He attempts to exploit the dramatic potential of techniques ‘appropriated’ from an academic heritage, whilst embracing the formality and cultural weight inherent in a painting practice.
His paintings present quiet, suspended stories, and demonstrate a capacity for narrative association. Yet he resists a fixed narrative and there is an ambiguity to his images. They convey a personal and idiosyncratic perspective, rather than a specific statement. Engaging with and referencing a cast of actors, costumes and props (often staged in his studio, photographed, and then altered during the translation into paint), themes emerge and interweave, are hinted at, elaborated in titles, but remain open, refuting a clear conclusion.
The exhibition takes its title, Compression, from associations with the tensions Megannity aims for in the scenes he constructs, the pressurised or claustrophobic environments. It also references the compression of data; the painted image becomes a compressed file where information he gathers during production stages is clipped, enhanced or lost.
At each layer of the painting process the image gathers interference, the dissonance between what is earnest, what is staged, and what is a result of material technique, add to the complexity of associations. Painting is the means by which the artist thinks, feels and sees, a way to combine the real and unreal, logic and intuition.

The exhibition continues to Friday 25th July at The Studios, 12 Union Road, New Mills, High Peak, SK22 3ES
Open: Thursday 11am – 7pm, Friday 11am – 4pm. Or by appointment
More info: New Mills, 20 min direct from Manchester Piccadilly, or 40 min from Sheffield:
Press enquiries: Lyn Bannister // // +44 (0)7753 842861



04 July 2014 to 25 July 2014