Bureau works internationally with represented and invited artists at varying career stages to provide a platform and context for dynamic and innovative contemporary visual practice. The gallery premieres and commissions new work across a variety of media and presentation formats, both on and off site. Bureau’s exhibition programme is complemented by screenings, talks and performance events, alongside international collaborations, exchange and residency projects. The gallery further supports artists’ practice through publishing initiatives, and participation in art fairs.
Further to this, Bureau works with a number of arts and business clients on a consultancy basis, across commissioning, exhibitions and event programming, and fundraising and sponsorship.
The gallery has worked with the following international organisations and clients across a number of past, ongoing, and current projects.

Publications & Promotion/Media Partners:
Artforum // Art Monthly // Corridor 8 // Creative Tourist // e-artnow // FEAST // Flux Magazine // Frieze // LargeManchester // Metro // NY Arts Magazine // The Shrieking Violet